As the lazy days of summer approach us, many new and intriguing products become available with the promise of more pleasant ways to spend our leisure time. Some are meant for on-the-go types, while others cater to those who like to hang out in a backyard, around a pool, or on a balcony. Consider the following:

  • A bird feeder with a see-through bubble that sits on the sill beneath your window sash for an amazing close-up of nature!
  • A picnic table with individual seats that do not require you to climb over a bench to face the center. Alternatively, a picnic table that unfolds into two park benches or outward-looking seats.
  • A reclining lounger with a “face pillow” that gives you a window you can look through to read your book, magazine, tablet or phone while lying on your stomach.
  • An inflatable movie screen for outdoor film presentations for party goers.
  • A floating ping-pong table – ideal for the shallow end!
  • An adult-sized “kiddie pool” that lets you soak in a shallow inflatable tub.
  • A hammock you can fill with water for the coolest summer snooze!