Interesting Products for the Home

Easy Drywall Repair Kit: If you have dents and holes in walls that need more than compound smoothed over with a putty knife, you’ll be happy to know you can purchase a drywall repair kit. These kits include the materials you need and step-by-step instructions on how to fix the job yourself – and get professional results.

Indoor Plant Kits: Advances in recent years have made indoor gardening a far simpler pastime – with far more predictable success than in the past. Whether you want to start a herb garden or grow plants for visual aesthetics, there are a lot of new hydroponic kits to help bring more nature into your home.

Automatic Pet Door: It looks like a standard door, but this uniquely designed entrance way has a disguised lower panel that opens and closes like an elevator door. A Bluetooth signal on your dog’s collar activates the door, so your pet can come and go as desired.

Levitating Speakers: You’ve probably never heard of – or seen – speakers like these. They appear to be floating in midair! Suspended magnetically, they project sound and can also project different colors when activated.

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