When you’re in the market looking for a resale home, you’re bound to come across listings that advertise “move-in-ready”. That simply means that there is little, if any, work that needs to be done after you’ve purchased the home. You should expect that it is freshly painted, there are no maintenance issues and everything works.

That can be a big advantage when buying a new home. You can move in and start enjoying the place right away! However, some listings may be priced a little higher because they are move-in ready. They also tend to show better and, therefore, attract more buyers – increasing the likelihood of multiple offers.

Is it worth paying a little more for a move-in-ready home? It depends. Consider the following:

1. What is the value in terms of convenience and time-savings of not having to do a lot of clean up, painting and other work when you move in?

2. What is the cost savings from not having to get repairs, renovations and other work done by a contractor or other professional?

When you factor those in, paying a bit more for a move-in ready home may be a bargain!