If you love to play golf but your favorite course is over an hour away, it can really impact your enjoyment of the game. The long drive may start to wear on you – unless, of course, you truly like the commute. In fact, how close your home is located relative to all your favorite “hangouts” can play a big role in your lifestyle. If your work, hobbies, and other activities are too far away, getting to them can become a chore. When you consider car or transit expenses, getting to those far-away hangouts can be costly, too.

Your hangouts may include: Work, Recreational activities, School, Medical facilities, Shopping, Family and friends.

One obvious solution, of course, is to move closer to the places you frequent most. If you’re tired of a long commute to work each day, moving even a half-hour closer can make a difference to your overall well-being. You would have an extra hour a day to do other things!

Here’s a helpful exercise. Write a list of your most important hangouts. Then, imagine living closer and jot down what your lifestyle would be like as a result. This may give you the clarity you need to decide whether to stay or move. For example, say you have family across town. You want to see them more often, but the long drive gets in the way. Imagine how things would be different if you moved to that area. Would you enjoy your life more?

Yes, deciding to move can be an intimidating decision. But, a better lifestyle – closer to your important “hangouts” – may be worth it. It’s certainly worth thinking about.