Some actors in the movie industry dread closeups. They know their face will fit the screen, causing every blemish, however minor, to be noticeable.

In a way, the same is true of a home for sale. If it were an actor, it might also shy away from close scrutiny.

For example, imagine viewing a list at home, strolling into the beautifully stage kitchen, and being impressed. But then, as you inspect the kitchen more closely, you notice that the cabinets have several worn and stained areas. That might alter your initial impression of the room – at least, to some extent.

So, when you stayed your home for a sale, it’s important to consider details buyers are likely to look at more closely. Those include:

– Kitchen cabinets and countertops

– Kitchen and bathroom sinks

– And sweet washroom often closely scrutinized

– For your area where the initial impression is made

– Closet’s another storage areas buyers are interested in capacity

– Internet access capabilities. A modem with the connected light on

– Windows that need cleaning

– Maintenance concerned, such as a dripping faucet

– Noticeably aged features that will need to be replaced soon, such as 20-year-old carpeting

In most cases, when buyers see a home, they form most of their opinion based on a macro view. They walk into each room. They imagine how their furniture will fit. They decide what they like and don’t like. So, “big picture” staging is essential.

But, don’t forget the little things. Buyers will look at specific features more closely. Be sure to take that reality into account. Always make sure your home is ready for its wide shot and it’s close-up!