The sight of an insect in your home can be a big turn-off for potential buyers. Here are some tips for keeping these unwanted guests outside.

• Seal the Entrances: Thoroughly inspect your home for gaps and cracks. Windows and doors can be prime entry points for insects. Ensure all weather-stripping is functional and repair or replace where necessary.

• Clean, Clean, Clean: Insects are often attracted to leftover food and crumbs. Make sure your kitchen and dining areas are spotless. Regularly take out the trash and ensure your bins have tight-fitting lids.

• Natural Repellents: Did you know that certain plants can act as insect repellents? Consider incorporating plants like lavender, mint, or basil into your décor. Not only do they smell fantastic, but they can also deter unwanted critters.

• Seek Professional Help: If you’re facing a more significant infestation, it might be time to bring in the professionals. Pest control experts can provide targeted solutions to ensure insects are gone for good.

It goes without saying, a bug-free home is more appealing to potential buyers. With a few preventive measures and a proactive approach, you can ensure that buyers are focused on your property’s charms, not swatting away intruders!