As trends evolve and needs change, some homeowners may want to rethink the functionality of their kitchen. Perhaps the most significant contributor to such a re-consideration is the actual layout, and how it affects traffic flow, task orientation, and storage. For example, many kitchen plans include an island, peninsula, countertop and/or a seating nook. Although these features may serve as valuable workspaces or gathering areas for quick meals or snacks, they might also prevent the placement of a table and chairs for more traditional mealtime arrangements.

Conversely, a standard kitchen table may inhibit access to adjoining family areas or take up space that could be dedicated to a separate prep surface or pantry storage – or even a mudroom if it’s adjacent to an outside wall. Some appliances may also deserve scrutiny, considering how much space they occupy. Since many households are less dependent upon full-sized ovens with stovetops, a new multi-functional countertop appliance could free up much-needed storage. Depending on changing lifestyles and schedules, the kitchen you have may not be the kitchen you need. But, if you give yourself the freedom to reimagine it, you might embrace a home improvement that’s uniquely yours.