Kitchen Planning Guidance

A renovated kitchen is one of the biggest selling features in residential real estate. It’s worth considering any such project as a long-term investment – and taking the time to carefully plan every aspect. Right from the start, the most critical challenge is achieving an efficient kitchen layout. Regardless of the size, a kitchen should have the sink, refrigerator and oven/cooktop situated in a classic work triangle or quad layout for ease of access within a few steps. It is also important to plan for adequate task lighting, as well as ambient, accent and/or overhead lighting.

In addition, when designing the kitchen, consider window treatments for ambience and privacy. Even though an abundance of daylight or direct sunlight is generally appreciated, it will probably need to be diffused or screened at different times of day. Once these basic perimeter decisions are determined, devote any available space to comfortable seating, an organized counterspace and practical cabinetry – including drawers, shelving and storage. With so many specialty appliances and utensils being regularly used in modern kitchens, good and thoughtful design is particularly important to ensure a new kitchen is as functional and clutter-free as it is beautiful.

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