Lighting the Way for Buyers

When you have buyers coming to view your house, you want it to look its best. Lighting plays a key role in making a good first impression. Just think of the last time you walked into an unfamiliar space with lighting that was too dim, too bright, or just too harsh.

Experts say the best lighting illuminates the space adequately without being too intense. There’s a simple calculation to determine the wattage you need. It’s the area of the room in square feet (length x width) multiplied by 1.5. So, a 10×12 room would require three 60 watt bulbs.

However, the type of room also makes a difference. You may want more light in the kitchen and bathrooms, because these tend to be very active spaces. On the other hand, you may want your living room to be dimmer to create a more relaxed setting and atmosphere.

Windows also make a difference. On bright days, a room with a fair-sized window may only need a third of the wattage. Experiment with lighting in each room to achieve the desired effect.

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