When you’re viewing a home for sale, you may get swept up by its initial appearances. Everything may look clean and beautiful, with all the features you’re looking for. Indeed, you may even be considering making a serious offer.

So, during that viewing, don’t rush. Take a close look at the important details. For example:

  • Will it need any major renovations?
  • If the property is old, are there items (kitchen stove, furnace, roofing shingles, etc.) that will need to be replaced soon?
  • Do you like the neighborhood and surrounding area?
  • Is there anything that might bother you? (For example, a single rather than two-car garage.)
  • Does the closing date work for you?
  • Are the size and orientation of the rooms to your liking? (You might want a spacious living room if you entertain regularly.)

There may be other details you’ll want to consider as well. Most of what you need to know can be found out during that initial visit. So, take the time to view the property carefully and ask all of your questions. Then, if you choose to jump on the opportunity quickly, you’ll be ready.