Are you looking to sell your home but have concerns about outside noise distracting from its appeal? Reducing sound infiltration doesn’t necessarily require a major renovation.

Here are some low-cost ideas.

Start with the doors. A lot of outside noise can seep in through gaps around your door. By repairing or replacing the weather stripping around the frame, you’ll provide a cushion that absorbs sound.

Windows are another common entry point for noise. Consider using heavy, thick curtains to dampen sound from outside. You might be surprised by how effectively this low-cost addition can keep those annoying noises at bay.

Don’t forget the walls! Fill any cracks or holes. This may seem like a minor fix, but sound can sometimes be like a mouse; able to find its way through the tiniest of openings.

Lastly, consider adding some soft furnishings to your living areas. Rugs, cushions, and fabric wall hangings can absorb sound and create a more serene environment. While these might not be permanent solutions, they can add to the visual appeal of your home as well as create a quieter atmosphere.