As daylight becomes noticeably reduced late in the year, it may become more difficult to enjoy natural ambience of smaller, darker rooms. However, a few decor decisions can utilize both daylight and artificial light to make such rooms look larger and brighter.
  • Infuse lighter, more reflective colors wherever possible, from highly polished floors and light colored floor coverings to glossy baseboards and white, off-white, pale or pastel walls and ceilings.
  • Add furnishings with accents made of glass, acrylic and shiny metals such as brass, copper or chrome.
  • Use lighter colored fabrics and cushions, as well as sheer window coverings in daytime, while reserving heavier drapery for colder nights.
  • Try to avoid dark, light-absorbing colors on heavy anchor pieces, except as accents to create contrast and distinct definition.
  • Consider glass doors with sidelights to visually refresh interior rooms that are otherwise left without daylight.