Most people know the basics of preparing a home for a make_home_show_better
viewing or an open house. But, there are a number of lesser
known tips — tips you often don’t hear about — that can
make your home even more attractive and desirable to
potential buyers.

In the kitchen, for example, it’s obvious that the stove, sink,
and counter-tops should be spotless. But, did you know that
grinding a lemon just before a viewing will help eliminate any
lingering odors? You should also arrange the contents of your
cabinets and refrigerator to all face forward.

In the bathrooms, make sure the toilet lids are closed. Hang
matching towel sets.

Moving onto the bedrooms, check that nothing is lying around.
Even a shirt draped neatly over a chair can appear messy to
some people.

In the kids’ rooms, the toys should be “staged”, not just flung

If possible, move half the contents of all closets into storage.
This makes a big difference in how spacious they’ll appear.

And here’s another uncommon tip. House plants look their
best — brighter, more upright and alive — approximately four
hours after you water them.

All these tips take just minutes to implement, but they can
make a big difference in how your home shows. Studies prove
that a well prepped home will often sell faster, and for a higher
price, so it’s worth the effort.