Have you ever attended a get-together of some kind and felt unwelcomed? It feels uncomfortable, doesn’t it? Chances are, you looked for the earliest opportunity to leave!

That’s how some buyers report they feel when they view a home for sale. They get the sense they’re more akin to an unwanted guest than someone who might buy the property.

Some of this may simply be the fact that buyers are typically viewing a stranger’s house. Still, when you’re selling your property, it’s important to make buyers feel as welcomed and at ease as possible. Otherwise, that discomfort might impact the impression they form of your home.

How do you do that? It’s fairly simple.

First, you want to make sure your home is as clean and tidy as possible. Think: guest-ready. While tidying up, it’s a good idea to remove as many obviously personal items as possible, such as family pictures. A “depersonalized” home helps buyers to better imagine themselves living there. It also makes them feel less like they’re intruding on a stranger’s home.

When buyers walk through your front door, they tend to quickly look around and form an initial impression of the place. So, make sure that area is uncluttered and welcoming. Have a mat for shoes. Make sure your home looks attractive when viewed from the perspective of the foyer.

When preparing for viewing appointments, try to imagine how buyers will feel or react to their experience. For example, if you leave home just seconds before the viewing appointment — as the buyers are walking towards your front door — they may feel awkward.

Bottom line: The more welcoming your home is to buyers, the more positive they’ll be when viewing it.