Imagine you’re looking for a new home and find one for sale that’s perfect for you. You’re excited! You’re eager to submit an attractive offer. But, you’ve been advised to include a condition that the property passes a professional home inspection.

Is that a potential deal breaker?

There’s no doubt that sellers tend to see “no conditions” offers as more attractive. However, there is plenty you can do to compensate for the condition and make your offer otherwise enticing.

One thing you can do is offer to be flexible on closing dates. The uncertainty of getting the closing date they want can be stressful for sellers, especially if they need those funds for their next home purchase. If you’re flexible, your offer will stand out.

Another thing you can do is go in with an appropriate deposit. That shows the buyer that you’re serious. Attaching a preapproved mortgage certificate also helps assure a buyer that there won’t be any money problems.

And, of course, you can sweeten the deal by increasing your offer price.

There are many other ways to make your offer more likely to win. So, be sure to get the advice you need when shopping for a home.