Looking for new ideas for your garden? You may be interested in learning more about vertical gardening. Similar to high-rise apartments and condos, vertical growing is a great way to make room for more plants and add visual interest to your property. But the benefits don’t stop there. Vertical gardening can also add privacy, help protect nearby plants from wind, save on water usage, and make it easier on your knees when tending these higher-up plants.

There are a wide range of vertical garden options to choose from depending on what aesthetic you like best and what your priorities are. There are potted towers so you can plant several containers in a tower; vines on trellises or fences, hanging baskets, window boxes, or you can hang a pocket planter in a grid-like frame on a wall for plants with shallow roots (e.g., herbs, lettuce/spinach, or succulents). The easiest pocket planters would be felt pocket planters, or you can repurpose a clothing or shoe organizer. Vertical gardens can work both outdoors and indoors.

Whatever vertical garden option you go with, look into how much sunlight the plants will need, water from the top down to ensure you don’t overwater the plants below with the drip down of water, and use potting soil if you are planting in little pockets on a wall. For watering those hard-to-reach places you may find a rain wand comes in handy. There are a plethora of ideas online on how to get started with a vertical garden. Happy gardening!