Not so long ago, the only significant decision when purchasing a mattress was agreeing on its firmness. But, things have changed. Nowadays, you can choose a “smart” mattress that can be programmed to an individual’s preferences, and/or a couple’s differences, with technology that lets you control temperature, firmness, reclining levels and more. Modern versions are made of various material, including memory foam, and some enlist elements such as temperature-controlled water to keep you cool, and pump-regulated air pockets to support specific pressure points, such as hips and shoulders.

Like many smart devices, most top-of-the-line mattresses are programable through phones, home hubs and/or other networks, with some providing sleep data and diagnostics, which are picked up by embedded monitors. For example, one model can detect snoring, and automatically tilt up a partner’s upper side of the mattress to improve breathing. Such features are said to contribute to better sleep, but setup can be complex, so some brands provide complimentary assembly services.