Deciding whether or not to move can be difficult. You might have a desire to buy a new home, but that might be countered by the fact that it wouldn’t be so bad to stay put.

That’s a classic case of being on the fence. So how do you get off?

Deciding to sell is often both a practical and emotional decision. On the practical side, you might have outgrown your current home. On the emotional side, you might feel a need for a change.

One way to make your decision is to use the two lists technique. On the first list, jot down all the practical reasons why you’d like a new home. On the second list, note all the emotional reasons.

For example, your practical list might include more space for a growing family. Perhaps you need an extra bedroom. Your emotional list might consist of wanting to get into a neighborhood that better reflects the lifestyle you desire. For example, you may be looking for an area closer to schools and parks.

Once you’ve made these two lists, often the right decision becomes clear and therefore, easier to make.