The spread of the global pandemic has meant that many of us have spent more time in our homes. This has inspired many of us to brighten up our surroundings. Color experts are well aware of the tendency to change the appearance of our living space as our needs evolve, and some suggest there will be predictable effects from this pandemic on our choice of decor. In essence, it’s believed that the threat of compromised health and the sense of social isolation will contribute to a desire for comfort and reassurance from our surroundings.

Consequently, it’s now expected that we’ll be more attracted to natural colors that offer comfort and sanctuary, such as soft hues and soothing shades of browns, greens and blues. However, while such a palette selection might range from earthy beiges to ocean blues, experts caution against having one color dominate a home. Color should be used to support the noticeable trends toward delineating various areas in the home for specific purposes and designating spaces for different uses over the course of a busy day.