Waterproof Note Pad: Whether you’re relaxing by the pool, or thinking in the shower, there’s no need to risk getting your tech device wet to make note of your latest ideas. Instead, you can jot them down using a waterproof pen on an environmentally friendly waterproof note pad. So, if your best ideas come to you in the shower, or while relaxing by the pool, they won’t dissolve into nothing.

Wireless, waterproof ear buds: Whether you’re a determined lap swimmer or a poolside sunbather, you’ll appreciate ear buds that deliver your favorite tunes without worry of water or wires.

Small Screen Image Projector: Imagine your favorite downloaded movies and video clips being projected from your smartphone onto the nearest wall or makeshift screen. Share pictures and videos at family gatherings or be ready to present files at an impromptu business meeting.

New Map App: Imagine setting a filter on your smartphone maps to display only what interests you – restaurants, night clubs, concert halls, art galleries, sports venues, distilleries, wineries, breweries, parking lots – you want it, you got it!