New Products for the Summer

If you’re a gardener, a camper, a traveler, or simply “a stay-outdoors” type, some of the following products might catch your attention this summer:

  • A self-enclosed portable fire pit with a fully visible flame and a cook top accessory. It burns wood or charcoal, and allows you to control the flame’s size and reduce its smoke output with your Bluetooth app and a detachable power box that controls the airflow within the fire chamber.
  • A tiny tile you can attach to your phone, wallet, keys, TV remote or anything else that tends to get lost. Beckon it to chirp when your item is hiding out of sight or have it send a traceable signal to a network locator if the misplaced item is out of earshot or away from home.
  • An insulated travel mug that actually allows you to press ground coffee on the go.
  • A garden hose that expands like an accordion when the water is on, then collapses accordion style into a much shorter length when not in use. It saves storage space, reduces outdoor clutter and avoids a tripping hazard.
  • A portable battery-powered tire inflator – perfect for the garage, car trunk, bicycle locker or backpack.

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