With so much shopping being done online, and so many sources to check out, it’s easy to miss the newest products entering the marketplace. Here are some items that may interest you:

  1. An anti-fatigue mat made with gel-like cushioning. The mat is designed to help ease foot, knee and back pain attributed to prolonged standing. This could be ideal for kitchen and workshop environments, as well as offices where workers prefer to avoid sitting all day.
  2. A robotic mopper. If you’ve heard of robotic vacuum cleaners, you might be ready for the mopper version. Just add water and cleaning solution, then select the proper scrubbing pad for your floor surface. Now, how good can that be?
  3. A new digital shower interface. This gadget will regulate your water temperature and pressure at the touch of a button. It even allows you to set a different program for each individual user so everyone can enjoy a personal setting without having to adjust the knobs or handles.
  4. A four-way faucet splitter. If you have an expansive lawn or garden, and don’t want to invest in an underground irrigation system, you can connect up to four hoses to one faucet or hose bib, and set a timer for each one of them. Apparently this device can also detect the moisture level of the soil.