One of the latest bathroom renovation trends is a “no-step” shower area, where the entire bathroom floor gently slopes, at a predetermined angle, towards the main shower drain. As a result, there is no need for a small wall to keep water in the confined shower area. The primary benefit is the visual appeal, as it creates a beckoning spa-like sense of invitation to the shower area. There is also the practical benefit of having a continuous floor surface that’s easier to clean, with fewer corners to collect mold and mildew. However, there are unique challenges and costs involved.

For example, the flooring in the entire bathroom needs to be fully waterproofed. Also, the floor’s subsurface needs to have enough height at its furthest reaches to allow for a gradual but sufficient slope to the shower drain. Furthermore, to achieve the full effect and a minimalist design, the shower door would be eliminated, presuming there is reasonable distance between residual spray and areas needing protection. Of course, such a project requires professional oversight, but the results could be very impressive.