Yard work isn’t always pleasant, but it can be more rewarding if a portion of your outdoor space is dedicated to an area where you can lounge and relax after all your work is done. The size of the area is not as important as the atmosphere it provides. It could be as simple as a chaise lounge surrounded by silken drapery hanging from an umbrella or makeshift frame. Alternatively, your personalized nook might include cushioned wicker furniture beneath an overhead canopy, or a bench tucked into a secluded alcove made of rough-hewn boards. Consider surrounding your private getaway with plenty of potted plants and hanging flowers.

The location of your dream oasis should be based on its desired effect. You may want it tucked away, out of view, to provide complete privacy so you can enjoy a good book and a refreshing beverage. Or, you can create a sense of intrigue and anticipation by setting your respite at the end of a pebbled path. If the view is important, position your oasis so you can survey your garden, observe a bird feeder, or relax in the presence of a tranquil fountain.