Some buyers like carpeting, others not so much. These days, the trend is towards hardwood, laminate, and tile. So, how do you make your home look attractive to buyers if you have old carpeting that — for whatever reason — you can’t remove?

The obvious option is to have your carpets steam-cleaned. As comfortable as carpeting is on the feet, it’s a sponge for odors, pet hair, and stains. Steam-cleaning goes a long way to reducing or even eliminating those issues. If your home vacuum can’t do the job, rent a steam-cleaner from a home improvement retailer or hire a professional service.

Another option is effective home staging. That involves decorating and furnishing in a way that draws attention away from the floor and onto the more attractive characteristics of your home. If a room is beautifully staged, a buyer might not notice cat scratches on the carpet.

A third option is to use attractive area rugs on top of the existing carpet. This can work well as long as you don’t overdo it. For example, you can place a nice area rug in the main livingroom. When you do that, the nice rug becomes the floor’s focal point.

While none of these solutions are perfect, they can help make your home show better.