You may think that once you’ve decided to repaint a room – or an entire home – you simply need to select your desired colors and paint types. But, for optimal results, you should also take a little time to plan ahead. For example, consider the proper tools as they will contribute to a more professional-grade finish. These include painter’s tape, canvas drop sheets, corner application pads, specialty trim rollers and an extension pole, as well as a resealable paint pen for touch-ups weeks or months later.

Furthermore, before you begin, you should learn about some of the best tried-and-true painting tips.

For example, minimize mess by drilling small holes in the inside rim of your paint can to allow drips to return inside, rather than dribble outside the can. To save leftover paint in a standard paint can, stretch plastic wrap across the opening before tapping the lid securely into place. And, if you’ll be continuing to paint the next day or weekend, seal your brushes and rollers in plastic cling-wrap, then store them in the fridge or freezer (but allow them to warm up before unwrapping). Above all, talk to your paint supplier to ensure you have everything you need to do the best job possible.