When the summer heats up, there will be times when we’ll all appreciate having shelter from excessive exposure to direct sunshine, but that doesn’t mean we’ll want to dash indoors. So, if you have outdoor space that gets so much sun that it prevents you from enjoying it to the fullest, it may be time for an investment that will give you more shade – and more opportunity to enjoy your property. In addition to the obvious patio umbrella, you might consider a retractable awning with a privacy canvas or bug screen, that will create a more inviting outdoor space for casual meals, relaxing or an out-of-office workspace.

For a more permanent structure, a thoughtfully designed gazebo or pergola can contribute a great deal more to your outdoor living space. Not only will it provide shade cover, it can also add enhanced visual appeal and offer the flexibility to grow plants or hang a veil for privacy and atmosphere. To add to your new outdoor space, consider an overhead fan or a misting system that can deliver a light, cooling spray.