Outdoor spaces are being reclaimed by more and more homeowners every year, as they realize the pleasures of enjoying their property’s value to its fullest. If you’re looking to upgrade your patio, deck or garden space, consider a makeover approach that’s similar to the way you might approach your interior décor. Start with a plan. Define the features within the sightlines of your area and make a note of where the sun tracks through the day. Identify the areas that are exposed or shaded at specific times of day and use that to determine where you might want to create dining, leisure and/ or social areas.

Once that is clarified, it’s time to fulfill your aspirations. Begin by choosing the surface of your patio or deck space. Look at stone, wood and composite decking options. Then consider how to make your outdoor space more livable with an umbrella, tent, awning, gazebo, or removable panels or screens. Next, it’s time to consider weatherproof furnishings and décor. Determine whether you want to extend visual patterns from indoors or create a new oasis outdoors. Don’t forget the importance of lighting, and other powered amenities like a fountain, fan, music system and outdoor refrigerator.