Paving and Patio Ideas

If you want to replace a tired-looking driveway or create a patio or walk-out area at ground level, you could be well served by investigating your options before settling on a traditional surface material, such as asphalt or concrete slabs. For instance, if you like the look of real stone, but are wary of the cost, you might be surprised to learn that concrete can be cut, tumbled and treated to look quite natural. Interlocking bricks or cobblestone blocks are also popular, and various shapes and colors can be combined to create a unique and attractive look.

On a more inventive level, consider materials made of recycled glass, rubber, or even crushed seashells, presuming you can source them responsibly. Another intriguing surface option that is environmentally friendly is a grid pattern of brick, stone or concrete that leaves space for gravel, wood chips, grass or exposed earth to promote water absorption into the ground. These designs help to prevent excessive runoff issues as well as puddles in low areas. Whatever your choice, be sure the surface is stable enough to support the vehicle(s) or foot traffic it is intended to service.

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