When you are refreshing a room with a new coat of paint, there are many things to consider if you want results to look professional. Interior decorators, color experts and painting pros often suggest tried and true pre-painting tips in order to avoid disappointment. After all, and unsatisfactory outcome can be a hassle and quite costly. So for starters, don’t obsess over the latest color trends, and be mindful of guidelines – not rules – such as “lighter hues can make rooms look bigger”.

Do some research using reputable décor and paint websites – including technical planning apps to help you achieve the best results. Ask your local professional paint dealer about ideal primers and other tips. Make sure to budget for multiple coats. Also, look into using quality brushes and tools. Although personal taste is paramount, you can avoid a disaster by testing your choices in advance. Preview large swipe samples or painted patches on the surface in question, and observe them under all lighting conditions.