Every day, the internet reveals new ideas and products. Some are definitely worth considering this summer. Here are just a few you might find intriguing:

1. Inflatable Bathtub: From personal size to spa size, you can now bring an inflatable tub wherever you go – even camping – as long as you can plug in the pump and find a source for hot water.

2. Audio Language Translators: There are many smartphone apps and handheld devices now available that provide instant dialogue translation to bridge language barriers.

3. Pocket Monocular: Essentially a half a pair of binoculars, these lighter weight vision magnifiers allow quick, convenient observations from a distance, using only one hand and one eye.

4. Collapsible Metal Drinking Straw: Possibly an essential personal accoutrement of these new times, it could replace paper and plastic predecessors for good.

5. Charcoal Shoe Sanitizers: They look like a simple fabric bag or pouch, but they do wonders for removing odors when slipped into shoes and boots overnight.

6. Virtual Computer Keyboard Projection: Instead of laboring over typing lengthy emails or documents on a handheld smartphone, imagine typing on a full-sized keyboard projected onto any rigid flat surface you can find.