Every year we get introduced to products designed to make our homes more functional or convenient. Here are just a few new ones you might find interesting for the outdoors:

• Portable fire pit: Imagine an outdoor fireplace that you can take with you and set up almost anywhere, including on a wooden deck. It’s also claimed to burn “smoke-free”.

• Battery-operated mosquito repellant: Portable, refillable, and rechargeable with a USB connection, it’s claimed to be effective within a proximity of approximately 15-20 feet.

• Shish-ka-bob prep tray: It looks somewhat like an ice-cube tray, until you add ingredients and slide in the skewer.

• Collapsible food tents: They open like mini-umbrellas to protect hot-off-the-grill foods from flies and bees. They can also be used in the garden to deter insects and squirrels from attacking young plants.

• Plug-in outdoor wi-fi extender that also serves as a programmable timer: It’s compatible with popular smart hubs like Google Home and Alexa, so you can verbally command exterior lighting, etc.