Without question, the most popular home renovations include upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms. So, it makes sense to keep track of the many new products available for these rooms before budgeting and planning a project. Here are just a few items you might take into consideration, as part of a modern upgrade:

• A kitchen faucet that responds to verbal commands like a smartphone or home hub, allowing you to call for hands-free temperature settings and volume control.

• A kitchen compactor that looks like an ordinary trash bin for scraps and refuse, but automatically compacts it to minimize trips to the curb and reduce landfill volume.

• An “aroma therapeutic” shower head that infuses essential oils into the water flow and disseminates aromatic scents.

• A bath faucet and shower head combination that lets you set the temperature remotely by smartphone or program ahead like a thermostat, so it’s ready for you the moment you get out of bed!

• For a less expensive upgrade, a decorative drain cover that catches hair for easy removal before it can clog pipes.

• If money is no object, an “infinity” bathtub that overflows into a floor drain and a fully “touchless” toilet.