Swimmers’ Monitor System: New to the market, this ingenious waterproof system sends a signal from the swimmer’s necklace to the
monitor, triggering an alarm if the swimmer is submerged for an unsafe period of time.

Wooden Cutlery: Disposable and compostable, this may be the great outdoor party compromise between using kitchen silverware and non-recyclable plastic.

Sand-Free Beach Blanket: This fabric is specially designed to filter sand through it, so your sunbathing or picnic won’t be compromised.

Robotic Luggage: Finally, a secure, personal “porter” to ensure your luggage stays with you as you weave your way through the airport, train station, bus depot or hotel lobby – without lifting a finger!

Invisible Deck Screws: This ingenious system countersinks screws so that their heads are at a set depth beneath the decking surface, and are then covered by a friction-fitting plug to match your decking material.