This may be the ideal time of year to take a few steps to check for any major maintenance issues in and around your home that could result in costly repairs down the road. Under favorable weather conditions, inspect your roof as closely and safely as possible, including peaks, valleys and overhangs. Look for wind damage and signs of deterioration, plus dried-out sealants around vents, pipes and chimneys. Check eaves to ensure your soffit and gutters are intact, and inspect door and window frames, awnings and foundations. Also, make sure utility connections are not vulnerable to wear and tear from harsh weather, birds or animals. Inside, check your attic, exterior walls, windows and doors for signs of mold, rot or leakage such as drafts. Finally, when it rains, walk around your house to confirm that run-off is directed away from your foundation. For any homeowner not able or inclined to do his or her own maintenance investigation, a professional home inspection may alert you to problems that need attention