Not everyday can be devoted to housework and cleaning chores, so it’s worth finding a routine that saves you time and helps you stay ahead of grime. To be time efficient, determine whether your best approach is sticking to one test throughout the home (ex: change bedding) or using the “rotation” technique of cleaning one rub at a time, from top to bottom. Develop a plan but be sure to recognize that different tasks require different time investments. I identify the most opportune time to deal with each task. Start with many jobs, such as removing countertop clutter before committing to larger tasks like disinfecting cooking and prep services or washing floors.

Here are a few timesaving tricks you may not know:

Ceiling Fans: cover one blade at a time with an old pillowcase or shirt sleeve, then wipe back carefully to capture dust

Venetian Blinds: wrap kitchen tongue tips with a microfiber cloth and swipe each slat, top and bottom at once

Stove Tops and Range Hoods: surprisingly, cooking oil may be the best way to wipe down caked on greasy surfaces

Toilet Bowls: dissolving denture tablets can do wonders when trying to clean porcelain and they won’t cause any damage