When it comes to renovating or redecorating, it’s likely more practical to address one room at a time. Of course, you’ll need to start by deciding whether there are any design features you wish to carry out into a hallway or throughout your home. Then, you can focus on each room as an individual project. Imagine each one as an empty space and consider what would make that room its most useful and enjoyable. Next, identify the basic features that deserve special attention.

You may have irregular walls or original wood trim lying undercover after years of treatment or neglect, just waiting for you to expose it as you create a significant transformation into the room you envision. And, as you’re considering whether that room requires a coat of paint or wallpaper for a facelift, look beyond its walls. Consider the furnishings or fixtures you have throughout your home, and how they might contribute in a new role in your reimagined room. For example, stripping, reupholstering or repainting furniture could help turn a tired old piece into a fresh center piece for your new space.