The more organized and visually tidy your home appears, the more efficient and comfortable it becomes. Here are just a few ideas to create extra storage options that free up more living space:

1. Shelves Above Doorways: If traditional wall shelving takes up too much furniture space, install a single shelf above any doorway to make a visually impressive wall to wall storage solution for art, photos, seldom-used books, etc.

2. Small & Large Hooks: Install hooks in the kitchen inside and under cabinets for coffee mugs, pots and pans, etc.; inside a closet for brooms and mops; and, in your shed or garage for garden tools, bicycles, etc.

3. Bins Under Beds: Rather than using haphazard cardboard boxes, invest in clear tubs with lids. They will make it far easier for you to identify and access those seldom-used items you store under beds.

4. Drawer Organizers: They aren’t just for kitchen cutlery & utensils – they can be very useful for children’s arts & crafts, hand tools & accessories, home office supplies and more.

5. Small Bathroom Towel Rack: No room for towels in a small bathroom? Mount or hang a newly painted, small wooden ladder!