From time to time, homeowners turn their attention to decor. But, before you act on a decorating makeover, take the time to consider the long-term. Examine how each room in your home is used, and determine whether the layout and design are living up to your needs. You may discover that redesigning or refurnishing can give your home a revitalized look and expanded functionality.

For example, consider rooms which are currently underutilized. Could they become more usable with the right furniture, such as a hideaway bed or a fold-down desk? Perhaps a larger room could serve a dual purpose if you introduce furniture that doubles as a divider.

If you are prepared to take on an even more significant renovation project, find out whether the plumbing and electrical systems in your home can be reconfigured, or a non-supporting wall removed, so your home can serve you better. You may even want to ask an interior designer for help. Ultimately, the more versatile you can make your home, the more functional it will be for you.