If you’re in the market for secure residential windows, do not presume that words like security, shatter-proof or shatter-resistant mean unbreakable. Take the time to understand various levels of protection in residential windows:

Glazed Windows usually refer to actual glass panels that are treated with a film that helps stop the transfer of warm or cool air and may reduce the UV effects of sunlight. They are not usually associated with security.

Tempered Glass is heat-treated for strength, but is not strong enough to withstand significant impact. Rather, when broken, it disintegrates into small pieces instead of shards, making it less likely to do harm to those nearby.

Laminated Glass is glass with one or more layers applied to its surface for various reasons, such as insulation and UV protection. When security window film is applied, it can be strong enough to delay attempted intrusion through window breakage.

Polycarbonate Panels provide many quality features of glass, but are in fact much stronger. They are often preferred by high-end retailers because they offer greater resistance to impact, deterring most or all break and entry attempts,