If you haven’t drawn up a will yet, there’s no time like the present. For many people, their first instinct might be to go online for advice. While this approach can be very convenient for those with simple estates who want to deal with their wills as quickly as possible, an online version likely won’t address all the key matters that need to be considered. Even though these services may provide useful advice, as well as legal documents that can be downloaded for your completion (sometimes for free), they can’t anticipate all of the issues that might impact your specific estate.

According to some legal experts, you should not rely on an online service if you have a legally recognized partner and/ or dependents or have any unique financial or property considerations. Of course, this describes many homeowners. If you want to ensure that your intentions are fulfilled, it’s worth getting advice from a qualified lawyer. After all, you deserve to be confident that your needs, concerns, and special interests are spelled out without any ambiguity that could delay or negate your final wishes.