As the summer real estate season comes to a close, you might be wondering if it makes sense to list your home this month or some time in the fall. You may be considering whether you should wait until next spring.

Actually, there are many advantages to selling your property now or this fall. First of all, if you need to get repairs or improvements done to prepare your home for sale, contractors are often more available in the fall. You’ll likely be able to get that work done quickly.

Secondly, even if the overall market slows a bit, it doesn’t mean the demand for your home will be any lower. Remember, it’s not the number of buyers in the market that determines how quickly your home sells. It’s the ratio of buyers looking for a property like yours compared to the number of such homes for sale. We may actually be in a seller’s market for homes like yours. That, of course, means that there would be many buyers interested in your property.

So, don’t let the season deter you from listing your home this month or next.