If you had a crystal ball, determining the best time to sell would be easy. You could simply peer into the magic stone and identify the exact month when you would be able to a) sell for top dollar, and b) buy a new home that you’d love for a price you could afford.

Wouldn’t that be something!

Alas, there is no such magic in the world of real estate. And, you don’t need it anyway. In most cases, now is the best time to sell your property — especially if you need or want to move. It usually doesn’t make sense to put it off.

The market could become more rosy for sellers a few months from now, or it could just as likely be worse than today. The same can be said in a buyer’s market.

If you’re buying and selling a home, then the ups and downs of the market tend to cancel each other out. In a seller’s market, for instance, you might get a high price for your property, but then pay a “seller’s market” price for your new home.

Are there some situations where waiting a few months to list makes sense?

Of course there are. For example, you might want to take advantage of predictable seasonal fluctuations in the local market. Or, depending on market conditions, it might make sense to wait until some home improvements that make your property look more attractive to buyers are completed.

Every situation is unique.

So, if you’re considering selling your home this year, and wondering whether you should list now or wait a few months, get the advice and information you need to make the right decision.