When you’re selling your home, you’ll usually have plenty of time to prepare for buyer viewings. You’ll have time to clean, declutter, take the dog to doggie daycare, etc. So, when a buyer sees your home, they’ll have every reason to be impressed.

But, what do you do if a buyer wants to see your home right away — and you’re not prepared? Assuming you want to accommodate the request, rather than put them off, here are some quick tips:

• Set expectations. Ensure the buyer agent knows the home is in “lived-in” condition at the moment. • Focus on neatening the place. You won’t have time for extensive cleaning. So, pick up as much clutter as possible. • Make the beds.

• Quickly wipe countertops, especially in bathrooms and the kitchen.

• Make sure all rooms are well-lit, particularly if the viewing is in the evening.

• Make the foyer as neat and clean as possible. That’s where buyers form their first impressions.

• Take your pets with you, and be absent during the viewing. (If that’s not possible remain in one room.)

You may only have a few minutes, but there’s a lot you can accomplish in that time.