Simple Steps to a Spa-Like Bathroom

Even if you don’t want to undertake a major renovation or a complete décor makeover, you can still turn any bathroom into a more welcoming and relaxing environment. Here are a few idea starters that can help you create a more spa-like bathroom over time.

• Upgrade your showerhead to a model with an adjustable nozzle and a hand-held wand.

• Add a shower caddy or bathtub tray to keep spa essentials within reach.

• Decant toiletries into a matching set of unbreakable jars and dispensers.

• If they’re mismatched, replace your towels, mats, shower curtain and window coverings.

• Replace towel bars, vanity knobs, drawer-pulls, hinges and faucet sets with matching hardware.

• Install new electrical plates and a lighting fixture with soft-light bulbs and a dimmer switch.

• Install a new vanity, pedestal sink and/or toilet with modern features.

• Don’t forget to add a fresh coat of paint, hanging plants, scented bath bombs, aromatic candles with matching holders, and, of course, soothing music!

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