One of the many pleasures of being a homeowner is having the freedom to evolve your home environment to reflect your changing lifestyle. While sometimes this entails a large makeover project, don’t underestimate how gratifying a simple project can be as you move toward a more comfortable home. Here are just some examples of quick ways to freshen up your living space:

• Add a contrasting color to a room – By painting wood trim or a bookshelf or hutch a different color, or painting one wall in a room a different color to make an accent wall. This can create a significant visual impact.

• Install removable wallpaper – On a wall opposite a room’s doorway to create a dramatic focal point.

• Paint the kitchen cabinets or change the hinges, handles and knobs – This is a particularly cost-effective and easy change to make.

• Add houseplants – The association with nature creates a peaceful ambiance and they purify the air.

• Add an area rug – With complimentary accent colors to help to pull everything in a room together.

• Artwork – To bring life and a pop of color to a room. Fill any barren spaces you may have or switch up your current artwork if you want a change.