Wireless monitoring systems aren’t just for home security cameras. There are lots of new products on the market that make your home more manageable, even when you’re not home. Here are just a few:

– Smart air vents coordinate with your central HVAC system to open and close registers for more evenly distributed AC to various rooms, as programmed on your phone.

– Programmable deadbolt attaches to the inside of your door, and lets you control the locking mechanism from your phone.

– Wireless meat thermometer for the oven or BBQ is simply inserted into the meat and will alert your phone when the pre-set temperature is achieved.

– Monitor pad placed under your mattress reported to measure sleep-patterns such as REM, etc., without body attachments.

– Smoke and CO detector with a smart-hub speaker that lets you use voice-command to disable false alarms.

– Programmable shut-off valve that connects at your home’s water supply intake, and monitors remote valves next to toilets, etc., to help prevent emergency leaks.

– Power bar that distributes electricity to various connected appliances, and reports their consumption to your smartphone, allowing you to shut off unwanted energy hogs, etc.