The more time families spend together, the more they appreciate that each member has particular interests or hobbies and may require personal space and privacy to enjoy them from time to time. For households that want to accommodate those interests in a way that won’t disturb the rest of the family, it might make sense to consider soundproofing a specific room. If you think that may be a solution for your home, you should first try to determine the construction and material of the walls in the room in question. If they’re hollow, it may be worth having foam insulation blown in between the studs.

If that’s not desirable or possible, you will probably need to rely on additional layers or sheets of acoustic-absorbing drywall or sound-muffling baffles to help dull the transfer of sound through to an adjoining room. Carpeting will further contribute to sound absorption. Other treatments for an entertainment media or music room might include attaching lightweight “egg-crate” foam panels on interior wall surfaces to deaden the rebounding of sound. Of course, with so many options, it’s a good idea to consult a professional before proceeding.