Ever since “pandemic” became a household word, spring cleaning has taken on a greater focus towards reducing or eliminating household germs. Think first about removing dust and reducing clutter, and then about cleaning to remove surface dirt and grime. These are essential steps before you can sanitize (removing germs from surfaces) and disinfect (actually killing and/or eliminating bacteria and viruses). To be most effective in the prevention of spreading germs, start with an attack plan for damp areas in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, where microorganisms are most likely to thrive.

Pay particular attention to tile joints, grout lines and caulking where mold can grow, making a note to follow up where repair is needed. Also, don’t overlook areas where food is stored, such as a pantry, or where food is often spilled, such as alongside your oven and cooktop. By being thorough, you’ll avoid attracting unwanted house guests like insects or rodents. Finally, make sure you frequently sanitize any items touched by many hands on a regular basis, especially in the dining room, entertainment centre or exercise area, where bacteria can easily spread.