Many homes have a room or space that serves as a general purpose area. It might be a spare bedroom that doubles as the clothes ironing station or a former kids’ playroom that is now used mainly for storage. Unfortunately, when you sell your house, this type of room won’t show well and can impact the impression a buyer forms of your house.

How do you solve this problem?

It’s fairly simple. Give the room or space a defined purpose. Then, furnish and decorate it accordingly.

For example, a “lost” room could be transformed into a reading nook, an exercise and meditation room, another bedroom, a home office, a workroom with a storage area for tools, and more. There is no shortage of ideas, depending on the room and its location in your home.

Professional stagers recommend that every room or significant space (such as a large upstairs landing) have a purpose and theme. So, when preparing your house for sale, keep that in mind. The spin-off bonus is a room that you can enjoy, until your house sells.